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At we take your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy serves to disclose the information collected by Us.

Personal Information

We may ask for your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email address as necessary to process and request correspondence from the school that you are interested in.

Non-Personal Information

We may use cookies to track our visitors profile information and preferences.We may also use cookies to collect usage and volume numerical information, which does not include personal information (If you wish otherwise, you may decline cookies through your browser settings).

We may collect information on your Internet Browser, OS Version, Screen Resolution, MAC address and computer type. Your IP address is automatically logged when you visit our website. Logging as such, provides a record of who visited our site, along with the time, date and pages visited.

Links to Other Websites

Some links in our website may take you to other sites. If such is the case, such website’s Policy will be different from Whatever dealings you carry out on these websites will be governed by that website’s Privacy Policy.