HVAC Certification at Fortis Institute

Fortis Institute offers one of the best HVAC certification programs in the South, the campuses located in Florida, Alabama, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Utah, the Fortis Institute offers among its certificate programs a HVAC program that is above and beyond one of the best in the country. Students who enter into the HVAC certificate program will learn hands on techniques for dealing with issues related to the field of Heating and Air Conditioning. Everything from installing equipment to repair and servicing equipment, students will also undergo training in computerized diagnostics, as well as a working knowledge of systems such as gas heat, heat pumps, air conditioning units, and commercial refrigeration.

Not only will you get a HVAC certification the trained specialist in career services will help you after graduation to find a job working in the real world. Finding work right now is difficult, the job market isn’t what it used to be, but there is still a high demand for anyone with HVAC certification. Especially as more people look for ways to cut energy costs; changing over to energy efficient heating and cooling means, requires hiring people who are well trained in these new methods. HVAC technicians that graduate from Fortis Institute are able to find work in the field relatively quickly, through the help of the career services people.

Fortis Institute offers not just a HVAC certification program but also an Associate’s degree program, and with the financial aid available it is easy to get into the program of your choice, and get help paying for it. The financial aid varies from scholarships, grants, state and federal loans, as well as private loans from banks and other lending institutions. A financial aid specialist can help you determine the best way to afford your program of choice.

To find out more information about enrolling in Fortis Institutes HVAC Certificate or Associates program, contact an admissions officer. They can walk you through the application process, put you in touch with someone who works in financial aid and make sure that you have all of your paper work done correctly, so that you can begin right away pursing the career of your choice. It is the core values of the Fortis Institute that really sets them apart from the competition, integrity, student focused outcomes, commitment, service excellence, and respect. These are the five basic values that set Fortis apart from the other institutes.