HVAC Certification at Everest College

Everest College         

EHVAC Certification Programverest College has campuses all across the United States and they offer a HVAC certification program. If you have been considering a career change and thought about working in the field of Heating, Air Conditioning, as a HVAC technician, now is the best time to get started, and Everest College is the place to go. The affordable program will help you learn how to install, repair, and maintain many different types of heating and cooling systems, and the schedule is flexible, with night and weekend classes to fit into your busy schedule.

HVAC certification can get you started in a new career; through the Everest Training program you will gain knowledge and hands on experience. You will get training in basic electricity and electrical theory, refrigeration theory, air conditioning systems, air distribution systems, and fuel heating systems. With your HVAC certification you can pursue a career as a Technician assistant, Maintenance Technician, Installation technician, Entry-level Assistant, or a Heat Pump Technician.

Starting is easy, Everest has a six step process to get you enrolled, it starts with filling out a simple form, then they make an appointment for you to talk to an admissions expert, take a tour of the campus, fill out the actual application, and then if you want there is a career placement assessment, but that isn’t necessary if you already know that you want to pursue a HVAC certification, finally you will sit down with financial aid and figure out financing.

Financial aid is available for qualifying students. Through student loans offered at the state and federal level, there are also grants and scholarships, as well as private loans through the bank or other lending agencies. A financial aid officer will be able to sit down and discuss your best options to determine what will work to get you back in school and headed toward the career of your dreams.

When you are ready to pursue your HVAC certification fill out one of the Everest college forms and let the admissions specialist work with you to get started. The process is easy, and when you graduate someone from career services will be ready to help you find a job in the Heating and Cooling industry. Through the help of writing a resume, filling out job applications, and following job leads. Now is the best time to pursue your dreams, and the HVAC industry is constantly looking for well trained individuals.